Organic Cotton Certification: You've GOTS to have it!

Cotton Seeds GOTS Certified Organic

Oh dear... I do apologise for the pun... I couldn't help myself! ☺️

GOTS is a well-known acronym in the textile industry and refers to the: Global Organic Textile Standard. The GOTS certification is like any other gold standard product certification (e.g. Australian Made, Australian Heart Foundation Tick) and it ensures that you are buying genuine, premium organic textiles using a globally-approved standard– in the case of Cotton Seeds Australia, we’re talking genuine organic cotton.

"The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well"


The Standard goes on to describe that all textile processors must also comply with the minimum social criteria, ensuring a level of accountability throughout the supply chain. What’s more, only organic cotton containing more than 70% organic textile fibre can be GOTS certified. That is, products on the market containing less than 70% organic fibre cannot be considered organic and are, effectively, misleading if they are labelled “organic”. Fortunately, labelling laws in Australia require all textiles to list their fibre type and proportional content. Therefore, as a customer, it is wise to check the organic content of so-called “organic” garments and bedding, because you may well be paying for as little as 5% organic fibres!

Cotton Seeds organic cotton is 100% organic cotton fibre

If you see the little green and white GOTS symbol, in the shape of a t-shirt, then it is likely that you are purchasing legitimate organic cotton and all the wonderful social benefits that come along with GOTS certified textiles. This includes purchasing a freely traded product, produced using sustainable and ethical practices and under high social welfare working conditions – spanning from the time the cotton seed is sown right down to the final stitch on a garment or bed sheet.

Cotton Seeds luxury organic cotton bedding is 100% organic cotton fibre and freely traded from smallholder farms. These farms are typically run as small family enterprises, producing small, yet high quality, quantities of cotton. As a result, their small yield volumes means they cannot compete with the “big boys” of the cotton industry, leaving them with few choices. The advantages, however, are that these farmers can carefully select what they grow and control the way it is grown. Thanks to the development of some excellent manufacturing houses who ascribe to the GOTS certification principles, these farmers can then sell their premium cotton for a fair price to others in the supply chain who are also GOTS certified. However, to maintain the GOTS certification standard, all elements of the supply chain must comply with the GOTS requirements and be certified. Only then can the coveted green t-shirt symbol be used on the finished product.

As you can imagine, the GOTS certification is an expensive process with lots of compliance conditions and quality control checks. Hence, GOTS certified textiles such as clothing or bedding is often more expensive than non-organic or uncertified organic alternatives. However, the certification process is thorough and it ensures that all the organic cotton produced under The Standard’s umbrella is genuine and that the cotton is produced in a socially responsible, fair and conscious way.

That’s why, we are proud to display the GOTS symbol on our Cotton Seeds labelling. You will find the little green GOTS t-shirt hanging on our luxury bedding and towelling. It is our promise to you that your little purchase is contributing to a better, more sustainable world

Thank you for taking the time to read the reasons why buying certified organic cotton is so GOTS-damn important... I’m really sorry, I did it again… 😳

GOTS to go...


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