Introducing Cotton Seeds Australia

Hello from Brisbane Australia! My name is Aditi and I am the founder and creative director of a brand new premium and ethically-conscious bedding label, Cotton Seeds Australia. We specialise in 100% organic cotton baby & children's bedding and towelling - for now! Our dream is to start introducing a broader range of bedding & towelling choices over time.

The idea for Cotton Seeds Australia was developed in 2014, when I was on my second stint of maternity leave. While my first little one was a total nightmare baby (there's always one!), my second was a dream. So, I would often take advantage of his placid nature and wander the shops with baby in tow, to get out of the house and feel normal. During these trips, I would gravitate towards homewares and manchester because I LOVE them! But, I was always disappointed at the lack of gender neutral and environmentally friendly options for babies and toddlers, particularly with respect to bedding. While bamboo sheeting was available, I was looking for the strength and durability of cotton.

So, I made it my mission to source high-quality organic cotton sheeting and ensure that it would be the very best alternative for my children and yours. My first ports of call were Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association, to see if there were any commercial organic cotton growers in Australia that I could source from. I was told that most of the cotton in Australia was from genetically modified cotton seed and not organic. After some time, my research took me to my birth country of India, where traditional farming methods were still being employed to produce organic cotton. Here, I found a region where organic cotton was ethically purchased from smallholder farms and produced in optimal social welfare conditions. This was important to me, as I did not want to start another cookie-cutter baby store that used cheap cotton from suppliers taking advantage of cheap labour overseas.

The cotton I source is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OneCert certified, which are expensive certifications for growers to achieve, but they are necessary to ensure the consumer is getting the real deal. Our cotton is also hand-printed using a patented plant dyeing method. These dyes are incredible because they use medicinally rich herbs and roots to dye fabric with vivid colours, without the use of harmful and chemically-enhanced traditional dyes.

Given the complexity of farming pure organic cotton, it is considered a high-end luxury product as it is expensive and effortful to produce. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The lack of chemical use in growing organic cotton means that it has many health advantages over traditional and genetically modified cotton – and best of all, it is so soft and gentle on the skin that your baby will feel content and snuggly.

I hope you fall in love with these super soft and durable fabrics as much as I have, and find a place in your nursery for our happy little prints that I have had so much fun creating.

Sweet dreams....


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