The cornerstone of the Cotton Seeds ethos is the belief that your baby’s health and comfort is paramount. We agree that your little one deserves the best start in life and our hope is that wrapping your baby in pure organic Cotton Seeds luxury goes some way in achieving that. Our products protect delicate skin from the harmful effects of conventional chemicals and rough textures of cheap or blended fabrics as they rest and sleep.

Our products are proudly:

100% GOTS and OneCert certified organic cotton



Not tested on animals

Near zero carbon footprint

Donate 1% of sales to social causes

Achieve total recycling in manufacturing process

Dyed using all-natural dyes made from Ayurvedic herbs with medicinal properties


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At Cotton Seeds, we believe an investment in our premium organic bedding will provide your little one with a restful sleep, to prepare them for a busy day of wonderment and exploration. We do not compromise on quality when sourcing our products and we do not expect you to either.



Our quest for quality organic cotton took us to the cotton fields of India, where traditional integrated farming methods are still being used to produce organic cotton from non-genetically modified cotton seed. Organic cultivation in this region focuses on the careful selection of cotton varieties suited to the local conditions of climate, soil condition and pest presence. Organic farming techniques include crop rotation, mixed cultivation and planting trap crops to reduce the need for intervention and embracing a balanced agroecosystem.

All Cotton Seeds fabric is sourced from ethically grown and produced, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton producers & manufacturers. Our fabric is dyed or hand-printed with pure herbal dyes, known for their medicinal properties in ancient Indian Ayurveda, protecting baby’s delicate skin and sensitivities.


All Cotton Seeds towelling is made from 100% organic cotton weaved into luxurious 550gsm quality terry towelling, for maximum softness and absorption. These richly coloured towels are nice and bright and dyed with pure and medicinally rich herbal dyes. This is especially important as towelling typically has maximum contact with your baby's soft skin, ensuring a hypoallergenic and ayurvedically beneficial base for wiping away dribbles and spills.


Known as ‘mull’ in India, single muslin has been used for centuries as the ideal fabric for lovingly wrapping babies for security and warmth. Single muslin is a fine, soft and breathable fabric, keeping your little one warm and cool at the same time while helping to regulate body temperature. Our pure 100% organic muslin voile baby wraps are naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types and climates. The addition of pure herbal dyes further promotes traditional Ayurvedic wellbeing for you and your baby.


Our Cotton Seeds cot bedding is made from 100% organic poplin/percale cotton, which produces cool crisp sheeting that is beautifully soft and durable at the same time. It makes for a restful sleep. Our luxurious cot sheets are suitable for all climates due to their light and breathable qualities and they are naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types. Babies and toddlers with skin sensitivities will sleep comfortably on these pure cotton sheets, free from the harmful chemicals used for producing and dyeing conventional cotton. The addition of pure herbal dyes further promotes traditional Ayurvedic wellbeing for your little one.

We guarantee that your baby is sleeping on the purest of cottons, made in an environmentally sustainable way and by high welfare workers.

The Cotton Seeds Team