The desire to create Cotton Seeds Australia developed in 2014, when I was on my second stint of maternity leave. I would often wander the shops, with baby in tow, just to get out of the house. During these trips, I would gravitate towards homewares and manchester because I LOVE them! But, I was always disappointed by the lack of gender neutral and environmentally friendly options for babies and toddlers, particularly with respect to bedding. While bamboo sheeting was available, I was looking for the strength and durability of cotton.

So, I made it my mission to source high-quality organic cotton sheeting and ensure that it would be the very best alternative for my children and yours. My research into organic cotton took me to my birth country of India, where traditional farming methods were still being employed to produce organic cotton. Here, I found a region where organic cotton was ethically purchased from smallholder farms and produced in optimal social welfare conditions. The cotton I source is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OneCert certified; it is also hand-printed using patented herbal dyes. These dyes are incredible because they are made from medicinally rich vegetables, herbs and roots, providing vibrant colours without the use of harmful synthetic dyes used in mainstream textile manufacturing.

Given the complexity of farming pure organic cotton, it is a boutique product and effortful to produce. However, the quality of the cotton is of premium quality and wonderfully soft. The lack of chemical use in growing organic cotton means that it has many health advantages over traditional and genetically modified cotton and won't transfer harmful residue onto your little one's delicate skin. Best of all, it is so soft and smooth on the skin that your baby will feel content and snuggly - my children absolutely love it!

I hope you fall in love with these nursery essentials as much as I have had fun creating them.

Best wishes to you and your little ones.


Founder of Cotton Seeds Australia